Groups at Our Lady’s Kempston

Charismatic Prayer Group.

The Charismatic Prayer Group meets at Our Lady’s every Tuesday at 7.30pm.We start with praise and worship for the first half hour, we continue to pray in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in exposition. We invoke the power of the Holy Spirit and ask for his Gifts to use and share for the glory of God. We have times of silence in between praise to listen to what God maybe saying to each one of us. We have a teaching /sharing of scripture. We conclude at 9.00pm with quiet praise and intercession.

contact: Mary Frost:  01234 304014. Elaine McLennan: 01234 853992.

Knights of St. Columba.

We meet on the second Wednesday of the Month at our Lady’s  8.00pm

contact: Jim Kinsella: 01234 400787.

Friday Holy Hour.

We meet at Our Lady’s every Friday evening at 5.30pm.  Everyone is welcome to join in answering Our Blessed Lady’s call to pray the rosary and spread this devotion, the holy hour includes Adoration, Lexio Devina, and Prayer. Do come and join us.