Every year at St Joseph’s we have a Parish Project, aiming to raise funds for a worthwhile cause. In October last year, we set a new Parish Project – to support the work of Fr Boniface, in his home parish in Uganda, with the poor and orphaned children there. 

Fr Boniface has visited our parish many times, and as a result of this, the charity EVC Uganda was set up to support his work. EVC Uganda, which stands for Empowering Vulnerable Children Uganda, gained official charity registration in August 2014, and is run by volunteers – several from our parish.

To find out more about EVC Uganda, or if you wish to become a volunteer, please visit their website.

Below is a letter from the chairman of EVC, reviewing the achievements of the charity, from all donations received in the past 12 months:


EVC Uganda 2017 in review


Dear sponsors, volunteers and supporters,

I reflect upon how far we have come in four years since the first meeting we held in 2014, deciding how to help the children we serve. It is a privilege and honour to be a part of the great work EVC has undertaken since, and to witness the real passion and commitment of so many people and organisations for our work.

2017 has been a year of great encouragement for EVC Uganda on several fronts:

We have seen the number of children sponsored increase greatly so that now over 160 children are receiving help.

The first two stages of building work on a girls’ dormitory to accommodate some of these children are now complete and work on the final stage will begin soon.

Many families have received individual solar lights which enable children to study in the evenings and give light where there is no mains electricity.

A growing number of churches have given us the opportunity to speak about our work. These opportunities have brought in many extra sponsors and have enabled us to make the work of EVC known to a wider audience.

Once again EVC held its annual concert, this time in September, always an excellent showcase of EVC’s work – a highly professional production and greatly enjoyed by the many who attended.

EVC has an excellent and professional website.

In 2018, we look forward with great optimism to the development of our work, as we place the risen Christ at the centre of what we do.

For those who have supported our work, both as volunteers and donors, my heartfelt thanks to each one of you. Your help and support is benefitting many children and giving them, not only an improved life at present, but also hope for a much better future. I wish you all a happy, healthy and blessed 2018.


Ted Fawcett

Ted Fawcett, EVC Chairman
31 December 2017

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