Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Due to the success of the devotion to the Home shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe we have been unable to meet the number of request to receive the Home shrine on a more regular basis (rather than on average, once every four months). We are also limited to the number of new families/individuals we can join into our group and include in the regular Home shrine devotion.
To meet this need and the many requests received from our families/individuals, we have obtained from Mexico, two more Home shrines. This will allow us to be able to offer more opportunities for existing and new families/individuals, to bring Our Lady of Guadalupe into their homes. With the extra work involved, it will be necessary to make some changes in the way that the Home shine is given to you for its weeks stay within your home.
From the 17th July
• Home visits will now not be possible due to the increased work load and the distance and time involved in bringing the Home shrines to a number of different families/individuals each weekend.
• You or a member of the family will now collect the Shrine from St Joseph after your regular Sunday Mass time or the mass time you have indicated.
• We will still operate the diary from the back of the Church. The diary sheets alongside the date will have space for more than one family/individual plus space for your mass time.
• Returning the Home Shrine will follow the same procedure.
• Changes to this new procedure, e.g. times of collection, home visit etc, will have to be negotiated with your Guardian, Sheila Allen on 01234 344743 or email: